2021 Carlisle All Ford Nationals


The 2021 All Ford Nationals at Carlisle Fairgrounds is a wrap, and to say it was eventful would be an understatement. This years show beat the previous 20 year Carlisle Fairgrounds show record with 3,241 registered vehicles attending. With a wide array of vehicles that span miles and miles long, getting lost and finding treasures at every turn was impossible to miss. Ford Performance was able to showcase the brand new, 2021 Ford Bronco along with the brand new 2022 Ford Raptor. The Bronco being remastered after a 25-year hiatus has returned with a new body exceeding expectations. Not only one Bronco was showcased, but they surprised us with two body styles. The Rapid Red Badlands features a 2.7L Ecoboost Engine alongside the Sasquatch package. This four door package is the perfect addition for any household, and Ford did not miss a single thing when keeping family and off-roading in mind. The smaller, two door Race Red Wildtrak package was made for trails, featuring the front stabilizer bar disconnect, electric locking front/rear axel and an advanced 4×4 with automatic on demand engagement. There’s no doubt the Ford Bronco stole the show this year. Along with the broncos that Ford had brought to showcase, the turnout for all (classic broncos) was beyond expectations. Ford Performance has brought back a icon and we are looking forward to the senescent during future shows.

A7302621 copy

(The Race Red Bronco Wildtrak)


A7302442 copy

(Rapid Red Bronco Badlands)

Ford brought some heavy-hitting showcased vehicles with them this year. Alongside the all new Bronco and Ford Raptor, they displayed the carbon body Ford GT prototype test mule. With such galvanic vehicles being showcased, the 20 year registered vehicle record being broken seemed like an easy task. Cervinis is proud to be able to showcase directly next to Ford Performance on the Manufacturers Midway. This year was much different then the past 25 that have been previously attended. Without product available for pick up at the show, the room for featured vehicles only grew and was utilized in the best way possible. Featuring key vehicles in the industry, the booth was one that you did not want to miss. Jaron’s Roush supercharged, 2019 GT Ford Mustang featuring our Cervini’s Hood was just one of the many that were on display. Along with Jaron, Steve G. had his Whipple Supercharged 2018 Ford Mustang GT with a custom wrap and featuring a Cervini Cobra R Cowl Hood. Another head turner on the west side of the booth was Bill’s all original 1993 Ford Cobra featuring the Cervini 2.5″ Cowl Hood. Chris’ was also able to bring his 2019 Steeda Equipped Ford Mustang GT350 with a GT500 Style Cervinis Heat Extractor Hood to be featured in the booth. Past the Cervini Tent, there were even more head turners that drew the attention of many attendees. Josh’ Velocity Blue F150 sat back towards the main strip, and drew the attention of many. Twin turbo charged with a drag set-up featuring a Cervini 3″ Cowl Hood, the attention was predestined for this F150. At first glance at the booth, Nicole’s 2013 Ford Mustang GT in Gotta Have it Green with a 4″ Cowl hood draws your attention straightaway. Beside Nicole was Steve F’s clean Ford Foxbody Notchback in Calypso Green featuring a Cervini Cowl Hood. The very well known StangMode, Kudan, was the final vehicle at the display. His 2018 Whipple Supercharged Ford Mustang GT featured many of Cervinis own products including the Ram Air Hood, Upper and Lower Grille Kit, Side Skirts, and just released Stalker Rear Valence Splitters. The “undertaker” inspired custom wrap tied this stunning build together. Every year a new product is released at Ford Nationals, with 2021 not being an exception. Cervini’s own Jim, brought his 2021 F150 equipped with the newly revealed 3″ Cowl Hood. With a release date of late Summer 2021, this hood was what the brand new F150’s needed.


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(Bill, Jaron, Chris & Jim)

A7302438 copy

(Josh’s F150)


20210605_114544 copy(Nicole, Steve F & Kudan)


A7302997 copy(Jaron & Steve G)


A7302448 copy ( Carbon Body Ford GT Test Mule)

Besides the jaw dropping showcased vehicles that Ford Performance had brought to Carlisle Ford Nationals, and the head turning vehicles in Cervinis Booth, there was still plenty of vehicles throughout the miles and miles of fields that surpassed any expectations when walking through the front gates. Cervinis had their products scattered throughout years, colors and body styles all over the show field. Every vehicle showcasing Cervinis product’s was the exact reason why Cervinis has been the best in the business for body components for 30 years. With exceptional quality products and the ease of install, having their cars show ready was a breeze. Cervini’s own photographer and graphic artist, Dan, traversed the show field all weekend capturing some of the shows finest builds. The excitement surrounding the 2021 Ford Nationals was evident in the enthusiastic participation in the car show field and it was great to see compared to the previous Pandemic ridden year. Cervinis showcased t a booth set up that will be hard to beat next year, with new products and some of the industries top vehicles. I think I can speak for us all, when I say we are looking forward to what the 2022 Carlisle Ford Nationals will bring.


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